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Come and join the fun of learning with national champion team and coaches!!! 

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Recreational program (Blend of Rhythmic & Dance Program)

This class is designed for recreational students (rec-students) who want to join the joy of learning rhythmic at All-Star.  Students will be grouped into levels based on their natural ability and all recital routines will be customized for each level.  Students will work toward showcasing their performance in December and June.  This is a way to fully enjoy the fun of learning rhythmic gymnastics and dance. 

Twinkling Star: Parent & Tot (2-4) Our fun and exciting 45 minutes Parent & Tot are the perfect way for the quality bonding time for you with your little one.  Head start your child’s development through increased physical strength, coordination, muscle control, balance and fine gross motor skills, and most of all, to express yourself through a variety of activities in this well-structured program.  

Shining Star: Young Beginner (5 & up) Students attend classes either once or twice per week with a choice of a 1-hour or 1.5-hour class.  Students will learn fundamental skills to develop their ability needed for the future competitive programs, both in the USAG and USAIGC programs. 

Rising Star: Intermediate (5 & up) Students attend classes once or twice a week with a choice of 2 hours class training or 4 hours training (i.e. 2 hours x 2 times) with the USAIGC Copper program students. It is for the beginner who has more dance and gymnastic experience with comparable skills level with students in the Copper program.  Gymnasts will learn fundamental skills to develop their ability needed for the future competitive programs, both in the USAG and USAIGC programs. 

Silver Star: (18 & up) Combination of rhythmic Gymnastics, dance and yoga, deep flexibility and conditioning.  The program mainly focuses on physical fitness through fun of gracefulness and challenge.  Students will learn performance routines at our semi-annual recital.  Express yourself and have fun time dancing with All-Star coaches!  Never too late to be expressive! 

USAIGC competitive program (Copper & up)

For students who have the ability to progress further, but are not ready for the USAG skills or/and commitment required in the USAG competitive program. Gymnasts practice for the more advanced body movement techniques required in the USAIGC rhythmic gymnastics program.  All students are required to fulfill the annual commitment of the program by participating in the US Association of Independent Gymnastics Clubs, Inc. (USAIGC) Regional (typically in May) and National Championships competition (in late June). Additional financial commitment (such as, USAIGC team program fee and USAIGC membership registration, etc.) is required.

USAG Competitive program (L3 & up)

For Students who have the natural ability and the emotional readiness to be trained for the intensive USAG competitive program. Students must attend the required training hours offered by the All-Star and they must commit to participate in all USA Gymnastics (USAG) meets selected by the All-Star from invitational, regional, up to the national competition. Students at all USAG levels may also participate in the USAIGC national for a different experience and for fun.  Acceptance to All-Star USAG team has to be approved by the head coach. Gymnasts in this program are selected based on their ability, self-motivation and commitment, and financial commitment from parents. 

***Gymnasts from all programs will perform in the semi-annual club recitals which is open for their families, friends and to the public***

Don’t miss the opportunity that All-Star has to offer you!!!

Dress Code: Practice leotard with or without spandex (bike short), no jewelry, and long hair neatly pulled back into a ponytail or braid, short hair clipped up and away from the eyes, bare feet or rhythmic gymnastics toe shoes.

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