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USAIGC National Championship
Orlando, FL
Jun 24-26, 2016

Our Copper and Bronze level girls sweeped all gold medals!
A total of 19 gold and 5 silver medals



Region 5 Championships
Darnestown, MD
Apr 23-24, 2016

L4 Child C:
Alice: 3rd AA, 3rd Rope 5th Hoop, 3rd Floor
Laura: 4th AA, 4th Floor, 3rd Hoop, 6th Rope 
Angie: 6th AA, 4th Hoop, 6th Floor, 7th Rope

L5 Junior A
Cadi: 2nd AA, 4th Floor, 2nd Ball, 2nd Clubs, 1st Hoop

L5 Junior B
Audrey: 1st AA, 1st Floor, 2nd Clubs, 1st Ball, 1st Hoop

Spring Fling Invitational
Columbus, OH
Apr 8-10, 2016

L4 Child C
Laura: 1stAA, 1stFloor, 2ndHoop, 3rd Rope 
Angie: 2nd AA, 1stHoop, 2nd Floor, 5th Rope
Alice: 3rd AA, 2nd Rope 3rd Hoop, 3rd Floor, 

L5 Junior B
Audrey: 1st AA, 1st Floor, 2nd Clubs, 1st Ball, 1st Hoop 

Capital Star Invitational
Darnestown, MD
March 24-27, 2016

L3 Child C
Nomiki: 1st Ball, 1stFloor, 2nd Rope
Isabella: 1st Floor, 1st Rope, 2nd Ball

L4 Child C
Angie: 1st AA, 1stRope, 1stHoop, 2nd Floor 
Laura: 2nd AA, 1stFloor, 2ndHoop,  4th Rope
Alice: 4thAA, 3rd Hoop, 4thFloor, 4th Rope

L5 Junior A
Cadi: 2nd AA, 1st Ball, 2ndFloor, 2nd Clubs, 2nd Hoop

L5 Junior B
Audrey: 1st AA, 1st Floor, 1st Clubs, 1st Ball, 1st Hoop

USAG Elegance Winter Invitational
Gaithersburg, MD
Feb 6-7, 2016

L3 Child B07
Lihan Ma: 2nd AA, 1st Ball, 2nd Floor , 2nd rope

L3 Child C
Nomiki Lakeman: 2nd AA, 2nd Ball, 2nd Floor, 3rd Rope - All-Star top all-round
Isabella Kim: 3rd AA, 4th Ball, 3rd Floor, 2nd Rope, 4th Ball

L4 Child C
Angie Mu: 1st AA, 1st Floor,4th Rope, 2nd Hoop - All-Star top all-round
Laura Fujii: 2nd AA, 3rd Floor, 1st Rope, 5th Hoop 
Alice Shen: 6th  AA, 5th Floor, 3rd Rope, 8th Hoop

L5 Junior A
Cadi Xie: 2nd AA, 2ndFloorClubs, 2nd Ball, 2nd Hoop

L5 Junior B
Audrey Shen: 1st AA, 1st Floor, 1st Clubs, 1st Ball, 1st Hoop - All-Star top all-round

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