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USAG Program


USAG Region 5 Rhythmic Championships

Philadelphia PA

Apr 3-5 2014

L4 Child C (around 25 competitors- top 12 awards)

Maya Taylor:  1st AA, 1st Floor, 1st Hoop, 2nd Ball - All-Star top all-round

Nelly Garces: 2nd AA, 1st Ball, 2nd Floor, 2nd Hoop

Cadi Xie: 4thAA, 4th ball, 7th floor, 8th hoop

Carolina Smiltneks: 9th AA, 4nd Floor, 10nd Hoop


L4 Junior A (5 competitors)

Audrey Shen: 1st AA, 1st Bal, 3rd Hoop

Charlotte Gidley: 3rd AA, 1stFloor

Cabrielle Xie: 2nd Ball, 2nd Hoop

Anna Tozer: 3rd AA


L4 Junior B (1 competitors)

Krissa Rehberg: 1st AA and 1st with all individual events


L4 Senior (3 competitor)

Melody Chiang: 2nd AA, 1st Floor, 1st Hoop, 2 Ball, 3rd Ribbon


All-Star L4 placed at top with all age division

(Total 58 competitors) 

Maya Talor: 1st Place All-round

Nelly Garaces: 2nd place all-round


Outstanding Achievements!!!


Spring Fling Rhythmic Invitational

Columbus OH

Apr 4-6, 2014


L3 Child B 2006 (7 competitors)

Olivia Liu: 1st AA, 1st Floor, 1st Rope, 1st Ball -All-Star top all-round

Naima Akers: 3rd AA, 3rd Floor, 3rd Rope


L3 Child B 2005 (9 competitors)

Alice Shen: 1st AA, 1st Floor, 1st Ball, 3rd Rope

Carol Ding: 5th AA, 4th Rope, 4th Ball

Laura Fujii: 4th Floor


L3 Top 3 places all age division awards (total 34 competitors)

Olivia Liu: 2nd Place, Alice Shen: 3rd place


L3 Top 3 Team Awards

All-Star Rhythmic: 1st Place


Outstanding Achievements!!!


L4 Child C-2004 (16 competitors)

Carolina Smiltneks: 2ndAA, 2nd Floor, 2nd Hoop, 3rd Ball-All-Star top all-round(Tie)

Cadi Xie: 4thAA, 4th Floor


L4 Child C-2003 (11 competitors)

Maya Taylor:  2nd AA, 3rd Floor, 2nd Hoop, 2nd Ball-All-Star top all-round (Tie)

Nelly Garces: 3rd AA, 4th Floor, 5th Hoop, 3rd Ball

Eva Kerns-Varner: 5th AA, 5th Floor, 4th Hope


L4 Junior (8 competitors)

Audrey Shen: 2nd AA, 2nd Floor, 3rd Ball.

Krissa Rehberg: 3rd AA, 3rd Floor, 2nd Ball

Anna Tozer: 4th AA, 3rd Hoop, 4th Ball

Cabrielle Xie: 4th Floor, 4th Ball

Charlotte Gidley: 1st Floor


L4 Top 3 Team Awards  

All-Star Rhythmic: 2nd Place


Outstanding Achievements!!!


Cheery Blossom Invitational

Gaithersburg, MD

Mar 22-23, 2014


L3 Child B (10 competitors)

Olivia Liu: 2nd AA, 4th Floor, 3rd Rope, 3rd Ball -All-Star top all-round


L3 Child B 2005 (9 competitors)

Laura Fujii: 3rd AA, 5th Floor, 3rd Rope

Kathleen Zhang: 5th AA, 1st Floor, 6th Rope

Alice Shen: 5th AA

Carol Ding: 3rd Floor, 2nd Ball


L3 Child C (4 competitors)

Krysta Harrison: 1st Floor


L4 Child C-2004 (6 competitors)

Cadi Xie: 1st AA, 1st Floor, 1st Hoop, 2nd Ball

Carolina Smiltneks: 3rd AA, 2nd Floor, 1stHoop


L4 Child C-2003 (4 competitors)

Nelly Garces: 1st AA, 2nd Floor, 1st Hoop, 1st Ball-All-Star top all-round

Maya Taylor:  2nd AA, 1st Floor, 2nd Hoop, 3rd Ball


L4 Junior (4 competitors)

Audrey Shen: 1st AA, 1st Floor, 2nd Hoop, 1st Ball

Anna Tozer: 2nd AA, 2nd Floor, 1st Hoop, 2nd Ball

Charlotte Gidley:


L4 Junior B- (1 competitor)

Krissa Rehberg: 1st AA, 1st Floor, 1st Hoop, 1st Ball


L6 Junior B (3 competitor)

Melody Chiang: 1st AA, 1st Floor, 1st Ball, 1st Hoop, 1st Ribbon

- Ranked 2nd place at all age divisions  



Harlem Rhythmic Invitational

Harlem NY

Jan. 18-20, 2014


L3 Child B (10 competitors)

Laura Fujii: 1at AA, 4th Ball -All-Star top all-round

Olivia Liu: 1st Rope, 5th AA, 5th Ball

Alice Shen: 5th AA



L4 Child C (No record available)

Maya Taylor: 1st AA, 3rd Ball, 1st Hoop-All-Star top all-round

Cadi Xie: 2nd AA, 2nd Floor, 1st Ball, 2nd Hoop

Carolina Smiltneks: 3rd AA, 1st Floor, 2nd Ball, 1st Hoop

Eva Kerns-Varner: 4th AA, 3rd Floor


L4 Junior (No record available)

Audrey Shen: 1st AA, 1st Floor, 2nd Hoop, 1st Ball

Cabrielle Xie: 3rd AA, 2nd Floor, 3rd Ball


L4 Senior (1 competitor)

Melody Chiang: 1st AA, 1st Floor, 1st Ball, 1st Hoop, 1st Ribbon



Aviator Sports Rhythmic Invitational

Brooklyn NY

Jan. 18-20, 2014


L3 Child B (29 competitors)

Olivia Liu: 4th AA, 5th Floor, 5th Rope, 5th Ball -All-Star top all-round

Alice Shen: 6th AA, 3rd Floor, 12th Rope, 6th Ball

Laura Fujii: 9th AA, 12th Floor, 7th Rope, 12th Ball

Kathleen Zhang: 10th AA, 15th Floor, 13th Ball

Naima Akers: 11th AA, 9th Ball


L4 Child C- (26 competitors)

Cadi Xie: 1st AA, 3rd Floor, 1st Hoop (Tie), 2nd Ball-All-Star top all-round

Maya Taylor:  2nd AA, 2nd Floor, 1st Hoop (Tie), 7th Ball

Nelly Garces: 5th AA(Tie), 6th Floor, 7th Hoop, 10th Ball

Carolina Smiltneks: 7th AA, 10th Floor, 5th Hoop, 9th Ball


L4 Junior A- (6 competitors)

Audrey Shen: 1st AA, 1st Floor, 1st Hoop, 1st Ball.

Anna Tozer: 2nd AA, 2nd Floor, 3rd Ball (Tie)

Charlotte Gidley: 3rd AA, 3rd Hoop, 3rd Ball (Tie)

Cabrielle Xie: 2nd Hoop, 3rd Floor


L4 Junior B- (1 competitor)

Krissa Rehberg: 1st AA, 1st Floor, 1st Hoop, 1st Ball





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